A Short Drive, a Hidden Gem. – Nonesuch Cask 1


I am about to give you out a tip. Now I don’t give out tips too often, so when I do, get on them.

Rex, Robbie (Author) and Chris – Nonesuch Distillery

The next time you find yourself in Hobart, Tasmania and you have a spare two hours up your sleeve, do yourself a favor and point your horse’s nose in the direction of 491 Arthur Highway, Forcett. The trip will take you less than half an hour but you feel like you travel some ground. Head over (what I named) the Big Big Bridge and keep driving until you pass not one, but two more (not so big but bloody long) bridges. After that, it is a short seaside drive to the location.

Pull into the unsealed farm driveway and travel another few hundred meters and take it all in. The sea at your back. Stock to right. Open paddocks to your left. Pass the old house and shearing shed and make your way to the shed at the back. Park up. Get out and be greeted by your hosts, Rex and Chris, where you will feel instantly at home when you hear “G’day Cobber!”

You are at Nonesuch Distillery. A little shed, packed with friendly faces, filled barrels and a 300L copper pot still in the corner. Swimming in character and Rex’s stories. If you haven’t got time for a yarn don’t even bother. Rex will tell you plenty! Whilst Chris lets him go and keeps an eye on the proofing parrot or low wines tank, coming back to give comment where needed. You have instantly become one of the family.

When Gareth and I arrived this day it was mid-morning. Did that stop us sampling? NOPE. We tried everything from Sloe Gin to Single Malt Whisky. But what really piqued my interest was the long sold out Whisky (or Whiskey??) from Cask 1.

The view from the driveway.

This dram has a remarkable story behind it and I beg you to go and hear it from Rex. It was brewed by a local brewery and good friend of Rex’s. This wonderful fellow named Ty, shortly after creating the wash, lost his fight and is no longer with us. Hearing Rex tell this story and seeing his obvious emotion, is something that will stay with me forever. As I have always said; “Whisky, without a story and someone to share it with, is simply a delicious tonic. But add in the former and it becomes magical.”

Rex poured it. I tried it. I loved it. And so herein lays my review;

Colour; is amber – deep amber

Nose; An instant classic Bourbon’y smack. It wreaks of corn bread, allspice, molasses and orange and overripe fruit. High proof scent. But texturally forward of ABV.

Palate; Spicy yet sweet on the front of tongue. Rolling to the back you get blackberry and burnt sugar and then right at the end is leather and tobacco.

Finish; Long, less hot but equally intense. Almonds, wood, corn and brown sugar.
This whisky, or whiskey, is sublime. Dangerously easy to drink but remarkably complex.


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