Bridge Road Brewers – Robust Porter


They say “A wise footy coach once said, ‘There’s no point half doing something.’ In making this porter we’ve taken his advice on board.  Our Robust Porter uses plenty of roasted barley and chocolate malt to provide a big porter flavour to satisfy the hardiest dark beer fan.”

I say, “Winter is upon us, so it’s time for dark beers.  The chocolate, burnt caramel notes of the first mouthful of this porter are a pleasure, which unfortunately fades quickly to leave a distinctly roasted barley, toffee malt after taste…. It makes me want to have another mouthful to experience it again.  Robust it is, perfectly balanced it isn’t; but it makes me want to sit in front of an open fire, eat chocolate, drink dark beers and chase them with a fortified adult beverage. Solid 3/5.”


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