Bushmills set to expand… In a big way!


Bushmills distillery have just received approval to build a new distillery, doubling their production in response to “growing demand” for their whiskey. The second distillery has been specifically designed to mirror the original building and blend into the site like it has always been there.

The $54 million (AUD) expansion is set to house 10 (yes you read right!) new copper pot stills along with, eight new washbacks and gigantic mash tun and will continue to make triple-distilled single malt whiskey but increase their yield by nine million litres per annum.

Bushmills’ owner Jose Cuervo is set to invested $110 milion (AUD) over 5 years to ‘meet the increasing demand for [its] portfolio of single malt and premium blended Irish whiskeys’.

Planning has already been approved for the build of 29 additional maturation warehouses.

‘We’ve been liaising with the Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council for over a year on the application so we are delighted to get this green light to produce even more Bushmills for whiskey drinkers around the world. States Master distiller Colum Egan.

‘As part of this investment, we plan to start building 29 additional maturation warehouses this year to support the long-term growth of the Old Bushmills distillery, so it’s a very exciting time for Bushmills and our industry.’

This news comes as statistics were released earlier this year that the worldwide purchases of Single Malt Whisky is rising at a rate of (over) 18% per annun.

  • R. Tucknott – Travelling Whisky Reviews


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