Compass Box No Name No. 2 Released in The UK


Compass Box No Name No.2, the second edition has just been released to the UK market and is said to be letting whisky speak for itself. This would be a welcome change from the over-hyped media beat up backed by whisky that is, in my opinion, good but far from great.

While the first edition was concocted largely of Ardbeg, this this expression is a combination of 75% Caol Ila from sherry butts , with a further combination of Taliskers, Clynelish both from rejuvenated hogsheads and the Compas Box ‘Highland whisky mix’. The blend is a creation by by Jill Boyd who is the ‘Lead Whisky Maker’ and will be bottled at 48.9% ABV .

The result? Who knows. The expression will not be released here in Australia until (my estimate) just before Christmas. But it is said to be an even more heavily peated expression that Compass Box’s ‘Peat Monster’.

Compass Box John Glaser says “No name can do justice to the smoky character of these whiskies, so we decided No Name was the perfect banner under which to release our blends of heavily-peated single malts. Those who enjoyed the original No Name, and who are familiar with The Peat Monster, will love this latest limited edition.
It is proof – if it were needed – that peat is far from one dimensional.”

Well John, I will be the judge of that, if I can ever get my hands on one of the 8436 bottles that will have the eyes picked out of them by the UK and American markets before they arrive here. I will let you know how I go.


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