Deep Creek Brewing Company – Aloha Guava Passionfruit Sour


They say, ‘Inspired by cocktails bursting with our favourite fresh fruit combinations.  The refreshing taste of an island holiday. Fresh lime squeezed over juicy tropical fruit.  Kick back in your hammock and relax with this tasty combination of guava, passionfruit and citrus.’

I say, ‘A light and bright sour brew from our friends over the ditch.  There’s guava, a hint of passionfruit and it’s mildly sour, but it’s a little underwhelming to be honest.   The sour taste quickly falls away and you’re left an empty mouthfeel and not much else. Might be a nice summer beer for those who like a subtle sour, but for my $$ (and these aren’t cheap) I want a burst of tangy sour with a lingering afternote, or else what’s the point.  2/5”


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