Distillery offering internships to women.


To Travelling Whisky Review’s eyes, it appears that the UK’s whisky industry is desperately clawing to catch up with their Australian counterparts by offering distiller internships to females.

Unlike Australia, where we not only have women in the position of power at 34 Australian distilleries (at last count), these women are excelling and making some of the best spirits in the world. The UK seem to still be far behind the times on this front when it comes to gender ratio.

Ncn’ean distillery sees fit to change this trend.

The initiative has been launched to raise the profile of distilling as a career option among women, and to “challenge gender-based stigmas associated with the whisky industry”. Says Annabel Thomas, founder of Ncn’ean.

“I wanted to challenge the outdated views a lot of people still have. The number of times people ask me ‘do you actually like whisky?’ just because I am a woman, and the lack of gender balance in the industry in Scotland suggests we all still have more work to do.”

She goes on to state “The internship will be a chance for two women to experience all aspects of the small operation and invite them to understand what working in a distillery really involves. We hope that women from all walks of life that want to try their hand at something new will apply.”

Ncn’ean which opened doors in 2017 is Scotland’s first and only fully organic distillery powered fully by renewable energy. So it appears as though the internship is not the first, nor will be the last time that Thomas makes an impact on the industry.

If you wish to apply for the internship and meet all the requirements, that being that you are a female over the age of 18, head to the distilleries website to apply. After all, with women being an absolute integral part of Australia’s whisky industry landscape, why shouldn’t we start exporting some of our talent? The internships will be decided in mid July.


  1. Since when did gender make u better at something?

    Pretty sure this the exact barrier femanism is trying to break down.


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