Feral Brewing co. – War Hog American IPA


They say, “Prepare to be tagged and bagged as this full metal jacket of an IPA rains an apocalyptic resinous hellfire of clustered hops and passion fruit aromas upon the senses.  There’s nowhere to hide, so gear up, sound off and blast ‘ride of the Valkyries’ at full volume because soldier, you’re at war.”

I say, “Wow, you need your beer to be pretty impressive to back up those claims, so I was expecting an absolute assault on my taste buds, but I didn’t get it.  What I got was an amazingly well-rounded, malty IPA with a complex floral lingering after taste. This beer is a great example of the American IPA style, with tenacious hop characteristics and full-bodied mouthfeel.  So nice. 4.5/5”


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