GOT Whisky…?


So after 2 years of suspense, excitement and speculation as to who will end up sitting upon the iron throne, Game of Thrones is back! With it coms countless news articles and social media posts about 9 whiskies and where you can still find THAT elusive bottle.

For those who have been living in hiding, Diageo have launched a range of whisky in line with the blockbuster HBO series. Internationally this has been a mammoth sales driver, with fans of both whisky and the show itself fighting like the battle of the bastards to get their hands on the whole set.

But what the launch has bought with it is un-proportional questioning and condemnation, leaving those that did purchase these bottles, for collection or novelty, feeling outcast. But the question for me is why? Why do the critics concern themselves with the purchases of others and specifically, how are these bottles any different from other limited edition collectables?

Now, I am sure the whisky inside is not the highest quality that the chosen distillers have ever produced, but they are backed by an unprecedented marketing campaign. A campaign driven by a company that holds an estimated 36.3% market share of the Scotch whisky market. Being almost twice as much as the next largest company.

Whisky has never been a one size fits all product or industry. Everybody’s preferred flavour profile is different, as is the material that attracts their eye to a bottle. Most often, we enter a store and purchase a bottle by eye. With food for example, we eat with our eyes long before the food touches our tongue. The product needs to attract our eyes first.

At the end of the day, is this really that different to someone who collects only Islay expression or another who exclusively drinks sherry bombs? I don’t have to like what you are drinking but there is also no need for me to condemn you for drinking it. At its core, these GOT bottles are a massive and well planned marketing campaign, helping the whisky market continue to flourish. Is that such a bad thing?

  • M. Barnard – Travelling Whisky Reviews.


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