Heavy Metal Distiller Jumps Ship For Metallica.

Pic. courtesy of metallica.com

Rob Dietrich has this morning been named as head distiller of Metallica’s own Sweet Amber Distilling Co., replacing the late Dave Pickerell.

Dietrich is the former head distiller for Stranahan’s Rocky Mountain single malt whiskey in Colorado but has just today made the announcement that he is taking the lead as new master distiller and blender for Metallica’s Blackened Whisky.

Although Dietrich steps into the role with years of solid distilling knowledge, he faces the task of switching from his traditional Single Malts to the world of Rye and Bourbon mash bills. Metallica’s plan is to begin distilling their own spirits whereas before the whiskey was outsourced. As if this wasn’t daunting enough, he will also be filling the shoes of Dave Pickerell who is a legend of distilling pedigree in America having launched Blackened shortly before his passing.

Blackened walks to the beat of a different drum, blending a number of straight bourbons, ryes, and whiskeys sourced from across North America before being treated to the “sonic enhancement” process, which uses Metallica songs to create sound waves that affect chemical reactions in the aging whiskey.

Sweet Amber Distilling Co. has grand plans to build a distillery in California’s Bay Area to be named after Pickerell.


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