Holgate Brewhouse – Hop Tart Blush wild berry sour ale


They say, ‘Holgate’s original semi sour pale ale, the Hop Tart naturally lends itself to fruited variations after the classic Belgian sour beer tradition. The blush is a wild berry version – with a deep rose colour and distinctive raspberry and blueberry fruitiness giving an incomparable refreshing tartness. Crush a blush’. 

I say, ‘Ok, everyone seems to have a sour beer on their roster and Holgate is trying to stand out from the pack with this little beauty, which pours a light pink to help you impress all your mates. There’s so much going on in this colourful little can. Hops, fruit and a delicate dryness, which is really unexpected. Traditionalists might avoid it, but fans of sour brews will embrace it. 3.5/5’


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