Huge win for fans of Port Ellen


A planning application submitted by Diageo this week shows the whisky giant is set to re-open a fully refurbished Port Ellen Distillery after a spend of over $65 million (AUD). The resurrection would see whisky produced there for the first time in over 35 years.

Included in the application is the restoration of the distillery’s original kiln building, along with a brand new still house and two pairs of copper pot stills.

One pair of still will replicate the original that were in place and the second pair will be much smaller and are set to experiment and go away from Port Ellen’s traditional style of whisky.

The spending plan also includes the re-opening of Brora Distillery in Sutherland, which suffered the same fate as Port Ellen on the very same year, 1983. It is also rumoured that Diageo is planning a further application to overhaul Cardhu and Clynelish distilleries.

“This is another hugely significant milestone on our journey to bring Port Ellen Distillery back to life.” Explains Georgie Crawford, Master Distiller.

“This is no ordinary distillery project – we are bringing a true whisky legend back to life and we believe our plans do justice to the iconic status of Port Ellen and will capture the imagination of whisky fans from all over the world.”


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