Johnnie Walker expands on their GOT “limited editions”!


Diageo and Johnnie Walker have announced the imminent release of another Game of Thrones release in the shape of not one but two limited edition whiskies, aptly named A Song of Ice and Song of Fire.

A song of Ice appears similar to the original white walker edition but banners the Direwolve of House Stark. The blend contains malt whisky from Clynelish distillery and is described as having a ‘crisp, clean taste’ with a ‘green and grassy’ flavour and notes of ‘vanilla and tropical fruit’. It has been bottled at a Johnnie Walker standard 40.2% abv so do not go adding water, or even ice. The Johnnie Walker press release suggests it is best served chilled so perhaps keep it in the freezer.

A Song of Fire however piques my interest. It flies the banner of house Targaryen and sports a wicked looking label to match. But the liquid is peated malt whisky from Caol Ila distillery and I am yet to try product from them I don’t like. Again, though it is bottled at a mere 40.8% abv.

Both expressions will be available in in Australia from October and should retail at the same price as their predecessor (around the $60 mark).

I guess I will have to buy them just out of principle. As everyone knows, I am a fan of anything peated and anything Game of Thrones.


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