Little Bang Brewing Company – Galactopus American Barleywine


They say, “The Barleywine style is a delicious, deeply malty, excessively strong ale from England. Americans like to throw a lot of hops in their beer. The Galactopus is a giant space faring cephalopod who, although approachable and charming, does devour planets, moons and suns, reaping freaking awesome destruction on a truly epic scale. Both the Galactopus and the American Barleywine in general should be approached with caution.”

I say, “This beer is an absolute malty punch in the face! Great can and creative brew story, where they do try to warn you.  After the initial malty whack, the heavy wine notes dominate and just when you’re thinking, ‘yeah nah’, the hops cut through and save the day. If you are a connoisseur of Barleywine, then you’ll likely be in heaven, but it was a bit much for me.  2/5.”


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