Nant.. A troubled past, or a bright future?


Although Australian whisky production is in its relevant infancy when compared to distilleries around the world. There is already a storied history around the Australian Whisky Market. Nant is a distillery that has contributed considerably to this, with their past dividing whisky drinkers.

Nant is a Tasmanian distillery that was founded in 2008 and launched into early stardom when Jim Murray gave a rating of 95.5/100 to an early expressions in 2012. Through questionable management and an investment scam, the fall from grace was rapid and by late 2015 the owners were filing for Bankruptcy.

As the saying goes “from the ashes rises the phoenix” with Australian Whisky Holdings (AWH) purchasing Nant Distillery and taking over in March 2017. With Bill Lark, the Legend of Australian Whisky, now on the board, Nant looks to be in safe hands. AWH are now releasing their first Nant Whisky and targeting to grow the future of not only Nant but also the Australian Whisky market.

The big question for Nant and AWH now is how do they regain the trust of the broader whisky drinking community? What will it take for Whisky drinkers to see the Nant brand and not immediately think of all the wrongs that were committed? Is it as simple as time heals all wounds?

There is a fine balance to strike when companies acquire complimentary businesses to their portfolio. First it starts with staff and the management of production. Retaining the great people who have made the business a success in the first place. While working through the current processes to ensure they are effective, as well as congruent with your business procedures, values and ethics.

Then follows the marketing program to ensure disgruntled consumers are aware of the change in management while not disengaging the current consumers.

Australian Whisky Holdings taking over Nant will be a resounding success in my personal opinion and immediately goes a long way in restoring trust and pride in what is one of the best Whisky distilleries in Australia. The business is already more financially stable than it ever was and with a ramp up in production on the horizon this will only benefit us Whisky consumers for years to come.

Travelling Whisky Reviews wishes them all the best for the future. Watch this space.


  1. It’s great to hear that you have a so much faith in the future on Nant. To be perfectly honest, i think the input of the godfather of australian whisky is a clever marketing strategy.
    The juice was always delicious, and that has never been questioned. The bullshit Jim Murray review was the start of the demise. They bit off more than they could chew and played catch up from then on.
    Hobart Whisky from Devil’s distillery is the same. Except the bloke who owns that is a smarter business man. Couldn’t guve a fuck about whisky or the industry. He just got old mate Murray to give it a high rating and Bob’s your uncle.
    I hope more people in Australia feel the same way as you and get on board with Nant. Me, ill be drinking my Belgroves watching from the sidelines


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