New cask strength whisky from Glengoyne


When I think of Glengoyne Cask Strength, I immediately think of a budget friendly, heavily sherry influenced, ABV forward dram that I cannot have more than one of at a given sitting. Before you sherry-monster loving readers scoff at this suggestion, please remember that I am a heavily peated, bourbon barrel man. So the Glengoyne CS could not be further from my desired flavour profile.

However, Glengoyne distillery has just announced the release of their Cask Strength Batch No. 007. The first in the collection to feature a bourbon barrel finish in the cask recipe.

This no age statement, Un-chillfiltered single malt is bottled at a big 58.9% ABVand  has been crafted using first-fill European and American oak Oloroso sherry casks, refill casks and bourbon barrels.

The good people at Glengoyne deliver the tasting notes as; “a fruity, malty flavour profile, featuring notes of cinnamon, orange, peaches and honey. Its warm amber-gold hue is imparted from time and wood alone. This commitment to natural colour is only possible because of Glengoyne Distillery’s world-class wood policy which sees sherry casks embark on a 6-year journey before Glengoyne’s new-make spirit is filled into the oak.“

“The bourbon parcel we used in the distillation of Glengoyne Cask Strength Batch No. 007 brought in a sweetness and a burst of vanilla, which adds a roundness and depth to this sherry-dominant whisky. The bourbon plays a light, but important, part in the overall cask recipe.” States Malt Master John Glass

Glengoyne Cask Strength Batch No. 007 will be found on shelves in Australia from August – September and comes at a price retail price of $110 (AUD).

  • R. Tucknott – Travelling Whisky Reviews


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