Puzzled Australian Fans Overlooked by The Glenlivet’s ‘Enigma’


The Glenlivet’s ‘Mystery Series’ is set to increase with the distillery announcing the release a fourth edition. BUT if you are thirsty for info, sorry you will not find it here. This is due to the fact that we yet only know the colour of the bottle, the ABV and the fact that it is only available in the United States.

What we know; Not much! The Glenlivet ‘Enigma’ is a single malt Scotch whisky that will come in a matte black bottle at 46% ABV.

All other information about the release is being kept very close to The Glenlivet’s chest. However, anyone can head to the Glenlivet website and attempt to complete a digital crossword puzzle in order to unlock tasting notes.

Of course, before being able to move on with the puzzle you will have to sign up to The Glenlivet mailing list, which is of no issue.

The Glenlivet ‘Enigma’ is the fourth expression in the Speyside distillery’s mystery series, following on from ‘Alpha’ in 2013, ‘Cipher’ in 2016 and ‘Code’ 2018. The ‘Code’ is in fact still available in small numbers here.

As, the expression is a US exclusive it will be available there from 10th July for US$149.

Sona Bajaria, vice president of marketing, The Glenlivet, Pernod Ricard USA States ‘The Glenlivet Mystery series is an opportunity for the franchise to push the boundaries around product innovation, design and storytelling,’

‘By challenging consumers to guess the mystery liquid’s taste, feel and finish – and then put that to the test with an interactive digital crossword puzzle – Enigma offers a vehicle for us to engage with a variety of consumers in a way that’s re-imagining Scotch whisky tropes.’

Perhaps they overlooked their loyal fans down under, but that doesn’t stop you from heading to the website and trying to crack the code.


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