Wayward Brewing Co. – ‘Coffee & Donuts’ Milk Stout


They say, ‘For GABS 2019, we’ve taken the iconic combination of coffee and donuts and recreated it in beer form. Using actual fresh donuts from our mates at Grumpy’s, and premium coffee from Toby’s Estate, the result is a rich, full bodied Milk Stout with delicious hints of coffee, cinnamon and vanilla. A beer to savour.’

I say, ‘they’re bang on with their description. Big aroma of cinnamon & chocolate. Head disappears quickly after pour but the beer itself is velvety smooth and creamy. Solid chocolate and vanilla followed by a lingering donut aftertaste, which strangely disappears as the beer warms. You’re still left with a standout milk stout and a must try this winter.’ 4.5/5


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