Whisky Club Review – Whisky Loot


After our previous articles on the benefits of whisky clubs, we thought we would review a few of the club options out in the market for you to give everyone a greater understanding of what is on offer.

The Whisky Loot is a subscription style whisky tasting club with over 25,000 tasting packages consumed. The service is a whisky loot “pack” delivered to your door either as a once off order or monthly with a subscription. The pricing is very reasonable with $59 including shipping for the monthly no lock in contract subscription or $79 – $109 including shipping for a once off delivery. The website states that the value of each of these packs is in excess of $120.

The first thing you will see when receiving your loot pack is the exquisite packaging. White carton with gold embossed writing on the outside greets you, opening the gold printing continues. A wise message on the inner lid states “what whisky will not cure, there is no cure for.” A truer word never spoken.

When inside you will find there are 3 glass bottles containing 60ml tasters of different whisky. The loot will be themed each time, so you can guarantee you will try something different. Printed clear labels including distillery name, cask details, region and ABV are on each of the bottles giving a classy finish.

A menu card of the drams is also in the pack, detailing the whisky and their tasting notes. QR barcodes are found next to each of the whisky’s, taking you directly to the bottle on the Whisky Loot website and offering a member’s discount to purchase the samples bigger brother. Last but not least, a beautiful whisky journal lays waiting for you, to fill in with your own personal tasting notes of up to 40 drams.

Cost effective at just under $10 per dram
Great way to taste more whisky
Impeccable packaging
Access to bottle discounts
Free delivery for subscription
Minimal whisky (180ml) for your $59
Will have a lot of excess packaging if receive monthly

The Whisky Loot is a great way to try more whisky in the comfort of your own home. At under $10 per pour it is also a very cost-effective way to taste more as well. The Loots will vary with different regions and whisky. If you are an avid whisky drinker and collector this is probably not be the club for you. But if you are newer to the market and looking to learn and taste more, you will struggle to find a better value and frankly a better looking way to explore.


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